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10 things to do with $10k from DigitalNZ

November 23, 2009

Yesterday at NDF, DigitalNZ announced that they’re giving away two parcels of $10k seed funding. Apparently, though it has to be used for actual digitisation rather than digitisation tools. I’m not really a content person, but it occurs to me that there are lots of small geek jobs that could be done for similar amounts of money. Here’s my list of ten cool DigitalNZ things that could be done for about 10k (or there abouts):

  1. a linked-data view of DigitalNZ. Get approval from a subset of contributors to map the DigitalNZ records to linked-data. (I’m sure NZETC wouldn’t have a problem with this.)
  2. a DigitalNZ widget that contributors could add to their content pages to allow visitors to tag content with Māori Subject Headings. The heading would be added as a URL to DigitalNZ, and then mapped to a textual string form display once we know the language we want to display it in (also means that we don’t have to worry about macrons and encoding issues). Repatriation of the metadata at the contributors convenience.
  3. as above except for the Iwi/Hapu list.
  4. as above except for a placename list (any placename list).
  5. a DigitalNZ widget that allows users to say that two DigitalNZ items have the same subject.
  6. a DigitalNZ widget that allows users to normalise the orthography of Māori text (add macrons on vowels; combine double vowels to macron’d vowels, etc.) in DigitalNZ records.
  7. a DigitalNZ search widget that returns (in addition to normally ranked results) the poorest metadata record that matches the search, presented in a way that invites the user to enrich the metadata.
  8. a collection of a dozen examples that use the API in different ways.
  9. a tool to normalise DigitalNZ records for terms which are more indicative of the contributor rather than record (like ‘record’ from library contributors and ‘item’ from archive contributors)
  10. a DigitalNZ search widget that uses Māori-English and English-Māori dictionaries and a bi-lingual placename list to automatically translate a mono-lingual query into a bi-lingual one.
  11. expose the Māori Subject Headings and the Iwi/Hapu list as linked data.
  12. find a way to expose DigitalNZ to which aggregates data from non-cultural sectors. Maybe slice it by contributor?
  13. a tool for finding references to items elsewhere on the web.

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